Georgia Virtual Office

What is Georgia Virtual Office?

Georgia Virtual Office allows you to take your business identity with you on the go so you can keep your business operating from wherever you are—all through a single device. Manage your business from your phone or computer without the need to buy or rent a whole brick-and-mortar location.

View of the conference room in our Georgia Registered Agent office.

Get a local Georgia address you can use for all your business needs, mail service, phone service, office lease and more for just $19 a month.

Georgia Virtual Office


– Unlimited mail forwarding
– Unique suite number
– Office lease
– Conference room rental options
– Phone number and phone service

Get everything you need to run your business on the go, from the palms of your hands.

What’s Included with 
Georgia Virtual Office?

1. Unlimited mail forwarding

Same-day scans of all your mail documents and instant notifications.

2. Unique suite number

Local Georgia address with a unique suite number in our own building.

3. Office lease

Month-to-month lease included to help you establish your presence in the state.

4. Conference room rental options

Business meeting in Atlanta? Rent our conference room by the hour (subject to availability).

5. Phone number & phone service

Local Georgia phone number plus VoIP phone service your business can use to call or SMS text from your own phone or computer.

6. Easy mail management

Need the original document? Easily request a physical forward for additional fee.

Conference room with a long table with six office chairs and a TV on the wall

Should I get Georgia Virtual Office?

You should consider Georgia Virtual Office if:

  • You work from home. When you sign up for our services, you get a Business Address to put on public documents so you don’t have to use your own. Plus, with Virtual Office, you get a unique suite number, unlimited mail forwarding, and a phone number, which allows you to connect to clients, partners and lenders without having to use your home address or personal phone number.
  • You travel often. Whenever you get a physical document, we scan and upload it to your secure online account within 24 hours. No need to be in one place. No need to walk outside to get the mail. All you need is wifi and you have access to all your documents.
  • You want to save on costs. At $19/month, Georgia Virtual Office is a fraction of what you might spend to lease a physical space. Plus, we own our building, so our address is secure and our price is stable.
  • You receive a lot of mail. Some virtual mail services charge a per document fee, which can get pricey if you receive daily, or even weekly documents by mail. With Georgia Virtual Office, you pay one price for unlimited mail scans.
  • You receive a lot of calls or SMS texts. With Virtual Office you’ll get a Georgia phone number that will work instantly on any device with our iOS or Android app.
  • You need a physical presence in Georgia. Included in our Virtual Office package is a month-to-month office lease. This doesn’t lock you into a binding agreement, but it does support your business presence here in the Peach State.

Georgia Virtual Office FAQ


Is Georgia Virtual Office secure?

Yes. When you hire Georgia Registered Agent, you automatically get a secure online account, which is where you’ll be able to see all your transactions and view all your scanned mail. Privacy is one of our top priorities, and security is something we value.

In addition to a safe and secure online account, we provide all our customers the stability of a professional business address in Atlanta. How? We own our building in Atlanta—our address is your address when you hire us.

Does Georgia Virtual Office give me access to physical office space?

Our Virtual Office Service is designed to help you run your business from anywhere, whether it’s at home, in a coffee shop, or on a tropical isle. That said, opting into Virtual Office also gives you access to the conference room here in our Atlanta office. Interested in renting a physical space? We can help! Our building has several office spaces of different sizes. Contact us directly for current availability and pricing.

Can you forward boxes and packages to me?

We’re only set up to scan and forward document mail (paper documents such as contracts, bills, letters). If you need a physical copy of a document, we can forward that along to any U.S. address starting at $9 plus shipping.

However, our facility and our Virtual Office service are not designed for receiving, accepting or storing packages. If we do happen to accept an errant package, we’ll reach out to you about shipping options.

What is Phone Service and how do I use the Phone App?

Georgia Phone Service is an internet-based phone service that comes with a unique Georgia phone number you can instantly begin using for your business. You can make and receive calls and SMS texts in browser on any internet-connected device—no need for a separate phone or phone line. And our free phone app (with both iOS and Android compatible downloads) makes using our number a snap.

What if I no longer need a virtual office?

You can easily cancel your Virtual Office Service, or switch over to one of our Mail Forwarding services, at any time. All you have to do is go into your client account and hit “cancel.” We don’t lock you into a contract or charge cancellation fees, so you won’t be punished for ending your service.