Georgia LLC

Starting an LLC in Georgia

Starting an LLC in Georgia requires submitting paperwork to the Georgia Secretary of State Corporations Division. Here’s what you need to do in five simple steps:

1. Select a Name
2. Choose a Registered Agent
3. Complete the Articles of Organization
4. Complete the Transmittal Information Form
5. File the Documents with the Georgia Secretary of State
6. File Your Beneficial Ownership Information Report with FinCEN

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How to Start an LLC in GA

To form an LLC in Georgia, two formation documents called the Articles of Organization and Transmittal Information Form must be filed with the Georgia Corporations Division (a division of the Georgia Secretary of State). In addition to these forms, you must also pay a $100 filing fee at the time of formation.

Once your Georgia LLC is formed, you are required to file an annual registration and pay a $50 fee to the Georgia Secretary of State each year. In this do-it-yourself guide, we’ll go over what that means, and how to file all your documents correctly.

1. Select a Name

The name of your LLC must include a term that identifies it as such. For example, it must include the words, or an abbreviated version of “Limited Liability Company.” In Georgia, the name of your LLC cannot exceed 80 characters and must be discernible from any other legal business entity on file with the Secretary of State.

How do I know if my chosen LLC name is available, and discernible enough from other names?

Before you register your LLC, it’s a good idea to do a Business Name Search. By searching for your proposed business name in the Georgia Corporations Division’s records, you can easily determine whether that name is already taken, or too similar to a name that already exists in the public record.

What does it mean for a business name to be distinguishable upon the public record?

Names are considered distinguishable when they cannot easily be confused for an existing name. There are four main categories the state considers when determining whether names are distinguishable enough:

  • Articles: You cannot add or subtract “a,” “an,” or “the” from an existing name. For example, if you tried to register a business called “A Pawn Shop, LLC” and “Pawn Shop, LLC” already exists, your business name would get rejected. (Similarly, you cannot replace “and” with “&.”)
  • Entity type: LLCs and corporations cannot have the same name. If an LLC already exists with the name “Polly’s Popcorn, LLC,” you cannot create “Polly’s Popcorn, Corp.”
  • Abbreviations: Simply abbreviating a word doesn’t make it distinguishable. So, “GA Peaches” isn’t discernible enough from “Georgia Peaches.”
  • Phonetic Spelling: Similarly, “Skater Boy, LLC” would be too similar to “Sk8er Boi, LLC.”
  • Punctuation: Adding or removing a comma and/or periods does not make a name distinguishable…
  • Plurals: …neither does adding an ‘s.’

Are there restrictions for LLC names in Georgia?

Yes. Your business name cannot represent certain types of businesses if it does not have the authority to do so. In general, this refers to public and financial institutions. For example, you cannot use words like: “assurance,” “fidelity,” “indemnity,” “bank,” “credit union,” “trust,” “college,” or “university.”

Can I reserve a name before I form my LLC?

Yes. You may reserve a name for up to 30 days before registering your LLC. This can be done online using Georgia’s online filing system, or by regular mail using the state’s Name Reservation Request form. The cost is $25 if filing online, or $35 if filing via paper.

2. Choose a Registered Agent

All LLCs and corporations in Georgia must appoint a registered agent. A Georgia registered agent is someone who accepts legal notices and important documents from the state on behalf of your company. This person or entity must be available in a physical location in Georgia during normal business hours, Monday through Friday.

Can I be my own registered agent in Georgia?

If you have a physical street address in Georgia where you can accept documents delivered to you during normal business hours, you can serve as your own registered agent, but in doing so, your personal information will be made public record.

You, of course, can hire us to serve as your registered agent for $25 a year. We let you use our address on your formation documents which means that your personal information is kept off public documents.

3. Complete the Articles of Organization

The Georgia LLC Articles of Organization is the primary business formation document required to form an LLC in Georgia.

What information is required on the Georgia Articles of Organization?

According to the Official Code of Georgia Annotated § 14-2-120, the Articles or Organization must include the following in formation:

  • The name of the LLC
  • The date the Articles of Organization are executed
  • The name, signature, and capacity of the organizer

The Georgia LLC Articles of Organization must be signed by the organizer. It is not necessary that the organizer of the LLC is a member of the LLC; however, they can be a member or a manager.

  • The street address and county of the LLC’s initial registered office
  • The name of the LLC’s initial registered agent at that office
  • The mailing address of the LLC’s principal place of business

How much does it cost to file Georgia Articles of Organization?

It costs $100 to file articles of organization online. If you’re filing paper documents by mail, you’ll have to pay an additional $10 for $110 total.

Do I need an operating agreement?

Georgia law doesn’t require LLCs to have operating agreements. However, while the operating agreement isn’t filed with any agency, court or the Georgia Secretary of State, it is one of the most important documents for your LLC.

An operating agreement outlines important rules and regulations pertaining to your company such as: ownership, voting rights, and what happens in the event of divorce or death. Typically, these are important things to agree on before everything is finalized. You can draft and finalize your operating agreement at any point during the formation process. But in our opinion, when it comes to operating agreements, the sooner the better.

FYI, if you hire Georgia Registered Agent LLC to process your LLC formation documents, we include a free operating agreement with our formation package.

4. Complete the Transmittal Information Form

The Transmittal Information Form is a business formation form that is required for all Georgia profit and nonprofit business entities.

What information is required on the Georgia Transmittal Information Form?

The Transmittal Information Form must include:

  • The primary email address of the LLC
  • The name of the LLC exactly as it is listed on the Articles of Organization
  • The name and address of the organizer
  • The name and address of the registered agent
  • The email address of the registered agent
  • The signature of the organizer

When you hire us to form your LLC, we take care of filing this form too.

5. File the Documents With the Georgia Secretary of State

Both of these documents, and a filing fee of $100, must be submitted to the Georgia Secretary of State for approval.

How can I file the Georgia Articles of Organization?

You can file your articles of organization online, by via mail or in person. The greatest benefit to filing online is speed. Online filings are processed within seven days, while paper filings are processed in 15 business days.


By Mail or In Person:

Office of Secretary of State
Corporations Division
2 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SE
Suite 313 West Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

How do I pay for my articles of organization filing?

If you are filing in person, you can pay with card, check, or money order. The Georgia Secretary of State does not accept cash payments. If you are submitting the Articles of Organization for filing via mail, you can pay with check or money order made out to “Secretary of State.” Online filing fees must be paid with a card.

Can I pay to expedite my filing?

Yes. If you need your documents to be processed sooner than the state’s standard processing time of 7-15 business days, you can pay for expedited filing:

  • Within 2 days: $100
  • Same-day (if filed before noon): $250

Is there any way to keep my personal information off the public record in Georgia?

In Georgia, you are not required to list any personal information on the LLC formation documents. This means that if you hire a registered agent instead of serving as your own, all of your information stays private and off of public record.

Note: Many banks want to see ownership information listed on the formation documents in order to open an account. If this is the case with your bank, you may need to file an amendment before opening an account.

6. File Your Beneficial Ownership Information Report with FinCEN

As of January 1, 2024, most LLCs are required to file a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) after company formation. This report provides the federal government with information about your company and those with the most power over your business, its operations, and its profits.

For a deeper dive into BOI requirements, visit our page on the Beneficial Ownership Information report.

When is my BOI report due?

  • LLCs created before 2024 must file by January 1, 2025.
  • LLCs created during 2024 must file within 90 days of formation.
  • LLCs created after 2024 must file within 30 days of formation.

How do I file my BOI report, and what does it cost?

You can file your report online through FinCEN at no cost.

Can you file my BOI report?

Yes. We offer optional BOI report filing for only $25.

Does the information on my BOI go on the public record?

No. This information is only available to authorized parties, such as federal law enforcement agencies.

Keep Your Georgia LLC Going

Once the LLC is officially formed with the Georgia Corporations Division, there are a few additional steps to make sure it is operational.

These steps include: opening a business banking account, obtaining an EIN, looking into business licenses, filing your annual report, and getting your business online and connected to clients.

Steps to Keep Your LLC Going Strong:

Open a Business Bank Account

Opening a business bank account is one of the most important things you can do to solidify the separation of your personal assets from the debts and liabilities of your company.

What do I need to open a business bank account in Georgia?

To open a business banking account for your LLC, most banks require that you provide an EIN and an operating agreement. However, some banks may require other materials. It is a good idea to call ahead and check what else you might need so you can be prepared beforehand.

Note: Many banks in Georgia want to see ownership information listed on the formation documents in order to open an account. If this is the case with your bank, you may need to file an amendment before opening an account.

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Once you have formed your LLC by filing the Articles of Organization with the Georgia Secretary of State, the next step is to obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN). And EIN is like a social security number for your business. It is a unique nine digit number, issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), for federal tax purposes.

Getting an EIN is easy, quick, and free. Visit the IRS website to get one today.

Is it necessary that I get an EIN for my Georgia LLC?

It is possible that your LLC may not require an EIN. For example if you are creating an LLC as a holding company, you may not be required to have one. However, if you plan to hire employees and engage in business, obtaining an EIN is a necessary step.

If I don’t live in the US, can I still get an EIN?

If you do not live in United States, and want to get an EIN, you can—there are just a few more steps involved. Typically, obtaining an EIN requires a Social Security Number. If you do not have one, you must first get an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). Once you have an ITIN, you can apply for an EIN.

Another option is to hire us to get an EIN for you. We take care of all the steps for you.

Look Into Business Licenses

Some industries may require that you obtain certain business licenses to operate. These requirements can vary by jurisdiction. It’s always a good idea to double check with overseeing agencies and make sure you have everything you need to legally operate.

File Your Georgia Annual Report

After you form your Georgia LLC and solidify your business, you will need to complete your annual registration. The window to complete your annual registration begins on January 1 and ends on April 1.

How do I complete my annual registration?

There are several ways to complete your annual registration. You can complete it in person or via mail by completing the annual registration form available online at the Georgia Secretary of State website. Or you can quickly and easily complete it online (or from your smartphone via the Georgia SOS app).

What if I file my annual registration late?

There is a $25 late fee if you file your annual registration after the April 1st deadline.

Get Online and Connected to Clients

Most businesses will want a website to market their company and ensure clients can easily find them. Additionally, companies will want a dedicated phone number for their company to communicate professionally with partners, customers and more.

How can Georgia Registered Agent help?

When you hire us to form your company or serve as your registered agent, we include Georgia Business Presence. This gives you a web domain (free for a year), plus a website, SSL service, business email, and phone service (each free for 90 days) so you can get online instantly.

Your website is easy to use, and our phone service includes a local Georgia number and business line you can use on your own device either by going online or downloading our iOS or Android app.

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    Once everything is ready to go, the Articles of Organization and Transmittal Information Form are sent to the Georgia Secretary of State's Corporations Division. You’ll have access to a secure client portal to view your filing documents and any correspondence we receive on your behalf at all times.
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Should I Form an LLC in Georgia?

We can't tell you what to do, but if you’re starting a new business, the LLC is now the most commonly formed business entity, as it offers flexible taxation options and simple maintenance. It's a solid choice for business beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. When you form an LLC in Georgia, though, your formation documents and the information on them becomes part of the public record.

Georgia Registered Agent LLC offers quality LLC formation to help you get started on the right foot. Our services are accurate and our pricing is straightforward. Included in our cost is free use of our business address on your public filings to safeguard your personal information. We also provide free limited mail forwarding for non-registered agent mail. We pride ourselves on being helpful and we’re always rooting for your success.

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