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Georgia business laws can be a little nutty. If you’re forming a business in Georgia, there’s a mess of documents that need to be filed with the Georgia Secretary of State. If you’re starting an LLC, something called a “Transmittal Form 231” is required. If you’re incorporating, you’ll have to publish a Notice of Intent to Incorporate.

If you’re new to business here in GA, the process can get muddy and things can go south. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to have a team of business experts riding shotgun.

Georgia Registered Agent Service

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Instant Registered Agent Service, Compliance Tracking & Same-Day Document Scans

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Georgia Registered Agent LLC owns and works out of this Atlanta office building

Our job is to make sure you get what you need to succeed. That means that when we accept documents for your company, we scan them directly to you.

Our registered agent service costs $25 a year. That’s it. Straightforward. No sketchy pricing or scammy up-selling. We’re not into that.

We use our address—not yours—on any documents we file for you. This keeps your personal information out of the state records and protects your privacy.

We know how hard the road to business success can be. But hard doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself (or not have any fun). As your registered agent, we make sure your business is current with the state and send you annual report reminders. Go ahead, relax. We’ve got that part under control.

We started small. Now, with a bit more experience under our belts, we’re a little more seasoned and a lot better equipped to help you on your journey.

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The Best Route to Business Formation
A darn good deal for a comprehensive business formation.

Any business documents we file for you have our address listed—not yours.

Registered Agent Service Included
When you hire us to form your business, your registered agent service is included.

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When you need a co-pilot, we’re just a call away.

How It All Started

Not All Who Wander…

In 1994, I took a chance. I decided to go back home to Savannah, Georgia. I’d spent the last four years on the West Coast earning a business degree that I would soon come to find out was useless. I was ready to take the next step and something in me knew that I’d find it where my heart was—down South.

Rewind to 1990. I was fresh out of high school, still wet behind the ears, and a certified know-it-all about what I thought my future as an entrepreneur would take. Some people call that naive. Looking back, I know I was downright stupid. I thought traveling thousands of miles from home to California so I could learn fancy business words would make me a good boss. Being a good boss would make me rich. Being rich would make me happy. I’m sure you can see the holes in this logic already.

Well life has a funny way of giving you what you need instead of what you want. Those first few years back home were some of the hardest in my life. My fancy business words weren’t enough to get me in any company doors. Temporary odd jobs and seasonal landscaping work paid the bills, but just barely. Finally, enough was enough. It was time to take matters into my own hands.


…Are Lost.

I started my first business in 1998. A window washing company. Lots of hard work and Zaxby’s for lunch. I had a few guys helping me and I wanted to make sure all my ducks were in a row, so I called up my buddy from college who had just finished law school. He said it was probably a good idea that I form an LLC. He wasn’t licensed to practice law in Georgia, but he could dig up state statutes for me.

I’m not going to say I was completely in over my head, but I was pretty close. My business degree didn’t teach me how to figure out the ins and outs of forming a company, let alone how to read legalese. That was something I had to navigate on my own. I figured it out, but not without some trial and error and a boatload of frustration. That’s where the idea for my second business, this business, was born.

So here we are. Georgia Registered Agent LLC. Smack dab in the heart of the Peach State for nearly two decades. Still located at the first address we started this company at—the same address we list on your documents.

Business, like life, is a complicated journey. Sometimes you wander a little, but you don’t have to get lost. Let Georgia Registered Agent LLC help you start your adventure on the right foot.

What’s Up With the Low Prices?

Remember how I thought that fancy business words would make me rich and being rich would make me happy? Yah, I found out that’s not quite how it all works. I’m not saying that making a living isn’t a great feeling, I’m just saying that offering business formation services to people starting exactly where I was two decades ago and sending them on their own adventure feels pretty good too. That’s why our prices are affordable. Could we charge more? Heck yes. Would it be as much fun? No way. Our motto is, we want everyone to have a chance to get their slice of the pie.