Georgia Mail Forwarding

What is Georgia Mail Forwarding?

Georgia Mail Forwarding allows you to protect your home address and get mail for your business wherever you are. No missed letters. No piles of paperwork.

Instead, you have a Georgia business address where we collect and scan your mail and an online portal where you can view and store all your mail.

The address you get isn’t a PO Box or some third-party processing hub. We own our own building here in Atlanta. Your address is a suite number in our building, and we securely process your mail in house, ourselves.

Whether you get the occasional letter or receive dozens of documents a year, we can help. Check out our mail forwarding options below:

Georgia Mail Forwarding Service

per year

Local address with unique suite number and 10 mail scans.

Or, get over double the scans for $99 per year.


What Are My
Georgia Mail Forwarding Options?

  1. FREE Mail Forwarding (3 scans)

    When you sign up for our Georgia Registered Agent Service, you automatically get basic mail forwarding (3 scans per year) along with a Georgia business address at no extra cost. As your Georgia registered agent, we already scan all your mail from the state, like legal notices and tax information. But we also scan 3 pieces of non-state mail, absolutely free.
  2. Deluxe Mail Forwarding (+10 scans) - $49 / year

    This option includes a unique suite number—an address that's only for your business, so you can use it on your website, business cards and more. And all our mail forwarding includes access to a secure online account, same-day document uploads, and email alerts when documents are ready to be viewed. If you have our registered agent service as well (which already includes 3 scans), you can upgrade to our Deluxe Mail Forwarding Service and get 13 pieces of non-state mail in your online account.
  3. Premium Mail Forwarding (+25 scans) - $99 / year

    With Premium Mail Forwarding, you get all the benefits of our Deluxe Mail Forwarding Service (secure online account, same-day uploads, email alerts, unique suite number) but with 25 non-state mail scans a year.
  4. Virtual Office (unlimited) - $19 / month

    Virtual Office is the cream of the crop when it comes to mail service. It gives you all the benefits of an office space without requiring you to stay in one place. For just $19 a month, you get: unlimited mail forwarding, a Georgia address with a unique suite number, local phone number and phone service, conference room rental options, as well as a month-to-month office lease. Whether you travel for work or work from home, Georgia Virtual Office gives you a stable business identity without the added hassle (and expense) of renting a physical space.

Basic Mail Forwarding Pricing


3 FREE mail scans w/ Georgia Registered Agent Service


Deluxe Mail Forwarding Pricing


+10 Mail Scans, Phone Service and Unique Suite Number


Premium Mail Forwarding Pricing


+25 Mail Scans, Phone Service and Unique Suite Number


Compare Our Mail Forwarding Options

When we added Mail Forwarding Service to our offerings, we followed the same guidelines we’ve had from day one: keep it simple and affordable. From offering basic mail forwarding FREE with our registered agent service to providing Virtual Office Service for just $19 a month, our prices are the lowest you’ll find in the state of Georgia—without compromising on quality.

With Georgia Registered Agent, here’s what you can get:

FREE Mail Forwarding*

Deluxe Mail Forwarding

Premium Mail Forwarding

Virtual Office

Georgia Business Address

Secure Online Account

Secure Shredding of Junk Mail

Instant Notifications

90-Day Free Trial of Phone Service

Individual Suite Number

Month-to-Month Office Lease

Option for Conference Room Rental

Document Scans










*With registered agent service.

Should I get Georgia Mail Forwarding?

You can use your own address for your business mail, but this has major drawbacks. For one thing, your personal address will end up in the public domain, which opens you up to a ton of junk mail. And if you travel often, there’s a good chance you’d miss important documents while you’re away.

Plus, you’d miss out on the opportunity to form a cohesive identity for your business. As registered agents, we give you our address to use for your state filings and physical mail (if you so choose)—but, as soon as you sign up, we also give you a business phone number you can access with an app on your phone and a secure online account. In other words, all your communication with key partners and clientele (email, snail mail, text, and phone call) can be done on a single device.

Mail Forwarding not only allows you to receive mail regardless of where you are, it digitizes your documents so you can more easily access and store important information. Do it all here, with Georgia Registered Agent.