Business Address Services

Why Get A Georgia Business Address?

You need a physical address in Georgia in order to form or register an LLC or corporation here. You could use your own address for your formation papers and all your business needs, but you’d have to be okay with making your address public. Not ideal? Not a problem.

A professional Georgia business address not only protects your personal identity, it gives your business an identity all its own.

That’s why we offer multiple business address options, ranging from a free Georgia business address with registered agent service to a full Georgia Virtual Office setup.

FREE Business Address with Registered Agent

per year

Includes unlimited state & legal mail, 3 regular mail scans, and phone service trial!

(For even more value, upgrade to Mail Forwarding or Virtual Office!)


What Are My Options
for a Georgia Business Address?

  • Business Address (FREE, 3 scans) - Sign up for our Georgia Registered Agent Service and get a professional Georgia Business Address at no extra cost. Use this address on state filings to keep your personal address private. Includes all your registered agent mail plus 3 free scans of regular mail each year.

Add on an additional 10, 25 or unlimited scans of regular mail each year – plus a unique suite number – with one of our options below:

  • Deluxe Mail Forwarding ($49/year, +10 scans) – When you sign up for our Deluxe Mail Forwarding Service you not only get a professional business address, you get a unique suite number and 10 scans each year.
  • Premium Mail Forwarding ($99/year for +25 scans) - Premium Mail Forwarding Service also gives you a professional business address and a unique suite number, plus 25 document scans.
  • Virtual Office ($19/month, UNLIMITED) – Our Virtual Office Service gives you all the benefits of an office, without the high price of renting or leasing a space. For just $19 a month, you get: a secure online account, business address with unique suite number, legal month-to-month lease, local phone number and VoIP phone service, option for conference room rentals, and unlimited mail forwarding.

With Mail Forwarding Service and Virtual Office Service you can keep your home address private, and run your business from anywhere—all on a single device.

Why We Do Business Address Better

Most companies offering business address services rent their office space, which means their address could change locations at a moment’s notice. Not us.

We’re the proud owners of own our building in Atlanta.

This also means we can provide more business services in house. Conference room rentals. Office leases. Unique suite numbers. Your mail management, your physical business identity needs, your digital identity needs—we do it all.

Georgia Business Address FAQ

What is a Georgia Business Address?

Your Georgia Business Address is any address you use for your business. When forming a Georgia LLC or Georgia corporation, you’ll need to include an address for:

  • Registered Office – This is the address where you’ll receive all your registered mail from the state (like legal notices). If you hire us as your registered agent, your Registered Office would be our address.
  • Principal Office – This is the address where you receive regular business mail. You can use your own address here. Or, if you hire us for mail forwarding service, we’ll give you a unique suite number so you can use our address to collect your mail.

Your formation documents become part of the public record as soon as your business is registered in Georgia. Don’t want your personal address to be part of the public record? Hire us and use our address instead of your own.

Can I use my home address as my Georgia Business Address?

Legally, yes. You can use your home address for your business and even serve as your own registered agent—but it might not be beneficial for you, in the end. For example:

  • Your home address would be public
  • You’d face a flood of junk mail
  • If you travel often, you might miss important notices from the state (which would prevent you from being able to serve as your own registered agent)
  • It’s just one more thing to think about.

Even if you spend most of your time at home, short trips away might mean you miss a legal summons or a tax notice. With a service like ours, you’ll be alerted via email every time an important document comes your way.

How do I change my Georgia Business Address?

You can change the business address you have listed for your registered agent or your principal office when filing your Georgia Annual Registration. Simply complete the form with your new address.

If you’ve already filed your annual registration for the year and need to make an address change, you’ll have to file an amended annual registration.

When you hire us for registered agent service, you’ll get an online account with all the necessary forms along with instructions on how to change your registered agent.

NOTE: If you’re changing the address where you receive regular mail, make sure to update your website, letterhead, business cards and any other place you may have used it.

Where does my mail go when I use your Georgia Business Address?

When you hire us for Registered Agent Service, all legal notices and documents from the state will be sent directly to our building in downtown Atlanta.

We scan all correspondence from the state and forward it to your online account within 24 hours. You’ll receive an email notification from us each time you have a new document to review. Junk mail? No need to worry about that—we shred all the obvious junk.

If you also hire us for Mail Forwarding Service, we will also scan and upload regular mail to your account.

How can I use my Georgia Business Address?

When you hire us for registered agent service, you can use our address on public filings so you don’t have to use your own. And if you opt into one of our mail forwarding services, you’ll also get a unique suite number, so you can list our address on letterhead, business cards, websites—wherever you might put your business address.

Note, however that we’re set up to scan and forward paper mail, not packages. Other than that, we’re pretty open with how you use our address.

Can I use your address for my Amazon business?

You can use our address for Amazon verification, but you don’t want to list our address for product returns. We’re set up for scanning documents, not packages.

Why So Affordable?

As business owners ourselves, we know what it’s like to start small and see the long (expensive) road ahead. Because we exists to help businesses get their start, our goal is to do whatever it takes to make that easy, and that means affordable.

Most companies offering business formation services include hidden fees and extra costs for products you simply don’t need. We don’t believe in tricks and gimmicks. Our services are affordable and simple: what you see is what you get. If you need to expand your service to include Mail Forwarding or Virtual Office, you certainly can. But it will always be your choice.

Our motto is: everyone should have a chance to get their slice of the pie. And our job is to help you get yours with ease.

What You Get
for FREE

Along with our registered agent service:

• Professional business address
• Secure online account
• State and legal mail scans
• 3 regular mail scans per year
• 90-day free trial of phone service