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What is a Georgia Registered Agent?

A registered agent in Georgia is a person or company that accepts legal documents for a business entity. A business entity is an entity separate from the owners of the entity or the person or people who operate it. Having a Georgia Registered Agent ensures a proper way to notify a company of any legal service of process.

As Georgia registered agents, we hire locally and work out of the building we own in Atlanta, Georgia. We’re here for good to receive service of process on your behalf.

How to Get a Georgia Registered Agent

When you form a Georgia LLC or incorporate a Georgia corporation, you are required to appoint one on the Articles of Organization or Incorporation.


You can change your registered agent when filing your annual registration.


You can change your registered agent by filing an amended annual registration.


When you register to do business in Georgia, you appoint a registered agent during the registration process.


Why Is a Registered Agent Important?

Hiring a registered agent service in Georgia is an important decision. You shouldn't hire just anybody. Your registered agent, after all, will be responsible for accepting legal notices on your behalf, as well as ensuring that you receive your documents as quickly as possible. If your documents are held up and you miss a critical deadline, you will be held liable. Your authority to do business in the state may even be revoked.

Who would you trust with this responsibility? We get it. We've been there. Every one of our customers is important to us and we want to see every single one of them succeed. To that end, we include free use of our permanent business address on public filings to all of our clients, keeping their personal information off the public record and sparing them a ton of junk mail.

What to Look For in a Registered Agent:

  • Excellent Price: We are $25 Per Year.
  • Local Office: Georgia Registered Agent LLC is located in Atlanta, GA.
  • Help, Not Just an Invoice: We provide Annual Registration Reminders and can answer your business questions.
  • Online Account: You can manage your business with our software and your own personal secure login.
  • Reliable Document Delivery: We email your documents within an hour.
  • Mail forwarding options: We provide free limited mail forwarding. Need more? We have paid mail forwarding packages and even an all-in Georgia Virtual Office package.

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Why Do I Need a Georgia Registered Agent?

According to Georgia State Law (Georgia Code § 14-11-209), all business entities registered with the state are required to appoint and maintain a registered agent within Georgia. The role of the registered agent was created to ensure that legal notices could be delivered reliably to businesses.
Your business formation filing will not be approved by the Georgia Corporations Division Office without a Georgia registered agent.

How Do I Change My Registered Agent in Georgia?

  1. Hire us first. You must appoint a Georgia registered agent when filing your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation.
  2. If you file without a registered agent, the Corporation Division will reject your application.
  3. When you hire Georgia  Registered Agent LLC, all of your documents will be available in your online account as well as filing instructions on how to list us as your Georgia Registered Agent. Our goal is that you’ll have an easier time forming your company yourself after hiring us as your registered agent.
  4. Rest easy. We’re along for the ride and ready to make sure you don’t get lost on the way.

What Do Georgia Registered Agents Do?

We take our job very seriously. Here’s a little bit of what we do for you:

  • We accept services of process, legal notifications, and official mail from the Georgia Corporation Division on your behalf.
  • We maintain a physical address here in the State of Georgia. This address is called a “registered office.”
  • We stay open during regular business hours to accept notices and mail on your behalf.
  • We contact you when we receive mail, notifications and processes.
  • We help keep your personal home and office address off of permanent public records.
  • We forward your documents to you in a timely manner.

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent in Georgia?

Absolutely. You just need to be comfortable listing your home address, where you work, and your personal name on your documents. A big reason we are in business is our clients don’t want to show their competitors or vendors their history or show instability as they move from office to office. When they just list our address, it never has to change as their business grows.

For more, see our Business Address Services page.

Who Can Be a Registered Agent in Georgia?

  • A resident of Georgia
  • A domestic corporation
  • A domestic LLC
  • You cannot list the company name you are forming or registering as its own registered agent

Is My Information Made Public After I File?

Yes, it can be. But if you hire us, we can dramatically minimize your exposure.
In Georgia, when you file your Articles of Organization or Articles of Incorporation, you must list the name and address of your Organizer/Incorporator. This information will be part of the public record.
If you hire Georgia Registered Agent LLC, however, we will prepare your documents for you. We will act as your Organizer/Incorporator. This will keep your personal information out of the public record. We also will list our registered office address for all addresses required on the corporate registry to keep your home or office address offline.

Why Hire Georgia Registered Agent LLC?

The registered agent must be open during business hours and have an accessible physical address listed on the corporate registry. The registered agent must accept mail and legal notices for every company it is listed as the registered agent for. Anyone sending your company a letter to whom is listed as the Georgia Registered Agent is legal proof that you’ve been notified. It’s a very important role. And we take it very seriously.

How Do I File My Formation Documents in Georgia?

The best way to file in Georgia is online. You can file almost every business document online, and online filings are processed almost immediately. You can mail business filings to the Georgia Corporation Division's office, along with your check payment.

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