Atlanta, Georgia
Virtual Office

We provide low-cost comprehensive solutions from our Atlanta office
to help you through every step of your business journey.

Only $19/Month

All Your Georgia Business Needs

As local registered agents in Georgia, we serve and support your business from day one. But that only scratches the surface of what we can do for you.

We own our own building in Atlanta. Because we do, our core services—registered agent and LLC formation—include free use of our permanent business address, helping secure your privacy and giving your home business a professional address. And since we’re already here, we forward your occasional business mail free of charge.

Owning our location also allows us to provide a host of affordable in-house services that national providers simply can’t offer, including:

  • unique suite numbers
  • unlimited mail forwarding
  • office leases
  • conference room access
  • address stability
  • address privacy

When you hire us, our office is yours.

Use Our Atlanta Business Address On Public Documents

Everything You Need To Run Your Business On The Go

Get a local Georgia address you can use for all your business needs, mail service, phone service, office lease and more for just $19 a month.

Why Hire Us?

Your business should have its own address. Its own hub for digitally accessing and storing business mail and documents. Its own phone number—without a second phone.

Georgia Virtual Office allows you to take your business identity with you on the go so you can keep your business operating from wherever you are—all through a single device. Manage your business from your phone or computer without the need to buy or rent a whole brick-and-mortar location.

Plus, we are the most affordable Virtual Office service in Georgia. We only charge $19 per month!